Hatkhola Foundation

Mission and Vision

The Hatkhola Foundation is a completely non-political and non-profit organization.

The Foundation will be operated as a centre for cultural and socio-developmental organization. It will make ceaseless efforts to nurture and develop a rich art and culture among the people and to build a prosperous society.

The Foundation will create the ground of practicing proper history of Bengalis for the youth and children. It will also work for the expansion of the spirit of Liberation War. It also aims to present and preserve our glorious tradition. Baring the idea in mind, a big library and a Digital Collection Centre will be established, where the learners and readers of different professions including children will have scope to acquire knowledge and to collect information.

The Foundation will work for creating awareness and forming public opinion against all terrorist activities by arranging secular cultural programs.

The Foundation will take steps to extend all kinds of necessary cooperation to the poor, disorganized, and backward sections of people as well as to the rootless, transgender and disadvantaged children to avail education which is oriented towards the arts, culture, technical and general education.

Autistic children and transgender people are not burden for the society. This Foundation will take social initiatives to apprise the guardians of this matter. It will also conduct programs on general education and health care for impaired children.

The Foundation will promote indigenous artists. Besides it will arrange cultural ceremonies of the indigenous people, which will help to improve their living standards and facilitate cultural exchanges with the Bangle community.

The Foundation will take initiatives to bring excellence to arts, literature, music, fine arts, dance and film by raising funds. Exhibitions of the artistic creations and photography, classical and contemporary films and plays from home and abroad, national and international music festivals, poem recitation ceremonies, and discussions on the arts, culture and literature will be organized to this end. As a result our social and cultural life will stand on a firmer footing and be further enriched.

The Foundation will hold national and international workshops and exhibitions on films, photography and the fine arts.

The Foundation will take initiative to establish a Village of Art and Culture. The village will contain the cultural and artisan heritage of all districts of Bangladesh. Besides, it will be a home for poet, artist, litterateur, researcher and painter of the national and international arena. We will invite national and international artists to exchange knowledge and skill. The residence-artist will get all the necessary materials for research during his/her stay. Initiatives will also be taken to establish a liberation war museum in this village.

Internationally renowned personalities, artists, litterateurs, painters and musicians will be invited by this Foundation with a view to presenting our heritage and introducing our arts and literature to the world. Our artistic, literary and cultural fields will be further enriched by the interface we would create for local artists.

The Foundation will have one or more auditoriums, where regular workshops on acting, dance, and arts will be held. In addition, maximum efforts will be made to observe national and international days.

The Foundation will arrange competitions for children and young people to encourage the creation of artistic works and composition of music and literature with an aim to developing their mental faculties.

The Foundation will occasionally publish magazines, journals and bulletins on arts, culture, music and literature.

The Foundation will initiate the collection and distribution of classical films and music, clay works, potteries and handicrafts made by people of the country, unadulterated food items, and herbal products. A well maintained cafe for the visiting guests, artists and litterateurs.