Hatkhola Foundation

About Us

For thousands of years Bangladesh has carried splendidly diverse cultural heritage.  It has unique and rich historical significance in South Asian region. We believe it is our duty to portray a complete picture of this diverse and multidimensional culture of the country. It is in this context that the Hatkhola Foundation embarked on its anticipated journey in 2010. Our aim is to project the real image of rural and urban Bangladesh including its anthropological and cultural diversity with rich artistic expressions.

Hatkhola Foundation is a completely non-political and non-profit organization This organization is determined to play an active role in establishing and disseminating information in our mainstream culture, in addition to history and heritage, language and literature, music and the fine arts and handicrafts. This institution will also make tireless efforts to be acquainted with the multiplicity of cultures, the arts and literatures from all around the world, to encourage their dissemination, and to present the diversity of our arts and culture to the international community. Besides, Hatkhola plays an active role in the field of social welfare related matter and make ceaseless efforts to nurture and develop a healthy and knowledge-based society.

Hatkhola Foundation is planning to adopt all required measures to produce skilled, creative and trained young people. Under this apparently ambitious but indispensable plan, they are working on establishing an artist den and residency facilities for the artists, a rich library for the artists, litterateurs, and public, and training facilities on music and the fine arts for the children of disadvantaged sections of society.

In brief, the focus of the organization will be on artistic, literary and cultural activities. We are determined to make this organization an important hub and a platform to exchange views, knowledge and articulate creativity for artists, litterateurs, researchers, musicians, filmmakers and dramatist.

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